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Cheap and Cheaper Stuff Sacks

March 15, 2011

Walmart carries many affordable and decent backpacking items in their Sporting  Goods department.  The Outdoor Products brand is generally well worth the money…fairly lightweight, functional and durable.

I purchased a 3 pack of small Outdoor Products stuff sacks for just under $10.  The largest of the three holds my pot/stove kit nicely.  It has a roll down  and buckle enclosure which is much more useful and durable than a draw string.

I also made my own mesh sack using an old bag that oranges came in.  In the side by side photo, look closely to see the drawstring that I threaded through the mesh to close it.  I used a straw for threading…a large sewing needle would have been faster.  The mesh sack is good for any larger items that stay won’t fall through the weave and need air…like dishes or bear bag cord.  It will not carry much weight, but it will keep things from scattering in your pack or around a camp site.

Weights: Outdoor Products sack: 28 g,  homemade mesh sack: 6 g (79% lighter)

Enjoy the early Spring warm spells when you can!

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