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New (to us) Trail Food Ideas

April 2, 2011

14140_DoubleChocoMousseSupremeCA3D_140_177.gifThese trail food ideas are new to me, and after trying them, I highly recommend them….

1. Bota Box brand Cabernet Sauvignon 500 ml box of wine….3 glasses of very good wine in a small, packable box.  You will find many satisfied backpackers referring to this wine on the Internet.

2. Nestle Nido powdered WHOLE milk. (found with the Hispanic foods in our grocery stores)…relatively awesome, thick, rich milk compared to non-fat powdered milk.  This also seems popular with backpackers across the Net.

3. Dr. Oetker’s Mousse Supreme Milk Chocolate Mix. (found near the cheese cake mixes in our grocery store) Made it with Nido powdered milk.  Turned out thick and very rich like real mousse when I mixed and shook it thoroughly in a 1 qt Ziploc bag.  Make it before cooking dinner then let it sit and thicken while you cook and eat dinner.  Seriously, it is rich and thick.  I tested this while air temperatures were in the 40’s, and I am not sure how it would thicken in warm temperatures (>55F).  In warm weather, I would place it in a cool stream to thicken if I had the option.

I highly recommend all of these.  If you have any questions, just let me know.

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